Upholstery Cleaning

A&D Floor Restoration take special precautions to ensure your upholstery is cleaned only using the finest methods and equipment in the industry. all furniture is inspected is delicately looked at to ensure the proper chemical process is used. Our skilled team of fabric experts are trained to gently clean various kinds of upholstery with the proper pH levels. Whether you are looking to have sofas, loveseats, or chairs cleaned. Each fabric will be examined to ensure the proper process is used. Cloths are placed under furniture to prevent any cleaning solution from staining the floor. We then gently vacuum and shampoo the fabric; this helps loosen embedded dirt and more easily remove soil. Chemical agents are used on harsh spots or stains; and customers can specially request a fabric protector to be applied for longer lasting results. Not all fibers are alike, our specialized cleaning plan will be determined by your upholstery’s fiber type. There is a difference between furniture that has been upholstered with silk, polyester, nylon and more. Each fiber reacts differently depending on the cleaning agent used. Our technicians will inspect each fabric prior to cleaning. Once these are identified; the seams, zippers and cushions of your furniture will be checked to make sure they won’t be damaged during the process. We will then clear any extra debris or crumbs often found in the crevices of cushions, before officially starting the cleaning process.

Benefits of Investing in A&D Floor Restoration Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Dirt, soil and bacteria can all be abrasive to your upholstery, slowly wearing it down over time. By removing these on a routine basis your furniture will be less likely to lose its color or become damaged over time.

Elevate Your Home

Dirty upholstery is an eyecatcher when going into any home. Stains, and soiled cushions don’t really scream comfort. Having properly cleaned upholstery will naturally elevate the essence in your home.

Save Money

Replacing furniture, especially pieces that owners have had forever can be expensive and a stressful process for no reason. Having your upholstery regularly cleaned will help avoid this.

Quick and Efficient Process

Depending on the fabric type, some upholstery will take longer than others to clean. For example, microfiber and linen covered upholstery can take longer because of the way they are chemically compromised. In general, upholstery cleaning is something many homeowners avoid on their own and our team of professional cleaners can do this for you properly and much quicker.

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