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Shower Cleaning Services

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a shower filled with mold, soap scums and mineral deposits. We often try to remove these as homeowners with harsh chemicals and hours of aggressive scrubbing; usually with no luck and the stains still left behind.

A&D Floor Restoration utilize the proper chemicals with precise pH levels and equipment to easily remove the grime that builds up over years. 

Our shower restoration services are great for increasing the value of your home and removing any potentially harmful mold or bacteria that could impact the health of you and your family. 

Trust the pros at A&D

Shower and Glass Cleaning

Homeowners can trust our team of experts to provide tile and grout steaming, sealing, stone polishing, glass cleaning and re-caulking. Your shower should be a space that makes you feel clean, not grimy.

A&D Floor Restoration understands proper shower restoration takes time and energy, so let us get down and dirty for you. Our team is trained to clean a variety of different materials including granite, limestone, marble, fiberglass and more. 

The team of skilled professionals will identify the material of your shower and create a cleaning plan that uses the proper chemical process and cleaning techniques to rid your shower of stains, spots and mold. 

We also provide honing and sealing services, which are recommended to be done once a year and helps prevent dirt-abrasion.

Enhancing Clarity and Cleanliness

Glass Surface Cleaning Solutions

At A&D Floor Restoration, we specialize in innovative solutions for cleaning glass surfaces, prioritizing clarity and cleanliness without the need for polishing. While we do not offer glass polishing services, our expertise lies in effectively removing hard water stains from glass surfaces, including shower doors and similar fixtures.

Water stains, soap residues, and mineral deposits can detract from the aesthetic appeal of glass surfaces and impact the overall cleanliness of your space. Our skilled professionals are trained to identify the type of glass and the specific contaminants present, ensuring the use of appropriate cleaning methods and products. Rest assured, our cleaning process is designed to restore the clarity of your glass without causing damage or scratches.

Whether it’s residential windows or commercial glass surfaces, customers in the East Bay Area can rely on our meticulous approach to glass surface cleaning at A&D Floor Restoration.

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A&D is a very professional and friendly company. The owner gave us an estimate and the kind of work needed to clean and treat the floors and grout. His crew is very professional also and they took the time to answer questions that my wife as I had about the work. They came in, finished the job and our floors look like brand new. The owner came in to oversee the work towards the end and he was amazing in the way he took the time to explain things. It was a pleasant experience working with A&D. I highly recommend this company for the type of work they do!
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I decided to keep my tile floor rather than replace it and called Dylan. Dylan, CJ and Aaron came out and cleaned, re-grouted and polished my floors and changed the whole look of my home. They also cleaned my carpets and caulked my backed splash! It was a huge job and they took great care of my furniture and my home! Thank you everyone at A & D for all of your hard work for making my home look great!
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I can’t say enough good things about Dylan and his team. My granite counter top, stone floor and marble shower have been returned to their new status. Dylan and his team are extremely polite, responsive and caring. You can’t go wrong with A&D.
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A&D Carpet Cleaning and Floor Restoration are highly recommended!!! They showed up on time and were very informative and professional!!! I was very impressed with the agitation equipment they have to really pull up the pet hair that a normal vacuum misses on a week to week basis!!! Call A&D Carpet Cleaning and Floor Restoration for any and all floor, countertops, or upholstery cleaning needs!!!
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Dylan and his team were so professional. I bought my house a few months ago and for the life of me could not get my tile grout white and my floors didn’t have any shine. A&D came in and took no more than 2 hours and had my floors looking brand new! I recommend them to all my clients. Amazing service and experience. They will forever be my go-to company.
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We thought we might need to replace our carpet, but after hiring A&D our carpets look like new! They’re incredibly nice, showed up right on time, and did a stellar job. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone.

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