Shower Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a shower filled with mold, soap scums and mineral deposits. We often try to remove these as homeowners with harsh chemicals and hours of aggressive scrubbing; usually with no luck and the stains still left behind.A&D Floor Restoration utilize the proper chemicals with precise pH levels and equipment to easily remove the grime that builds up over years. Our shower restoration services are great for increasing the value of your home and removing any potentially harmful mold or bacteria that could impact the health of you and your family. Homeowners can trust our team of experts to provide tile and grout steaming, sealing, stone polishing, glass cleaning and re-caulking. Your shower should be a space that makes you feel clean, not grimy. A&D Floor Restoration understands proper shower restoration takes time and energy, so let us get down and dirty for you. Our team is trained to clean a variety of different materials including granite, limestone, marble, fiberglass and more. The team of skilled professionals will identify the material of your shower and create a cleaning plan that uses the proper chemical process and cleaning techniques to rid your shower of stains, spots and mold. We also provide honing and sealing services, which are recommended to be done once a year and helps prevent dirt-abrasion.

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