Countertop Cleaning

Countertops are eyecatchers for any homeowner. When they are dull, chipped and stained, it stands out. A&D Floor Restoration can re-vitalize countertops to make them look brand new. Our services range from a basic steam clean to total restoration. Investing in your countertops is a great way to avoid high costs of replacement and increase the value of your home. Counters can be tricky for homeowners to restore themselves because they are extremely porous (meaning they are filled with tiny holes). These tiny holes tend to absorb liquid which is what created those hard to remove stains. Our sealing process can combat this issue by sealing, filling and covering the holes that already exist. Prevent future water stains, dirt abrasion and protect the surface of your countertops so your home doesn’t lose its value. Let us keep the health of your stone and granite countertops at their best and lasting forever. Our skilled team of experts will identify the material of your counter tops and create a specialized cleaning plan. Granite, limestone and marble in particular are a bit tougher to bring back to life, so let our refining and polishing process do the tough work for you. We can clean, seal, repair and polish any countertops made from marble, granite, onyx, slate, terracotta, limestone and more!

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