Area Rug Cleaning

Investing in a high-quality cleaning service for your area rugs are essential to keeping their delicate textiles looking fresh and new. Area rugs help elevate a room’s decor and are an ideal alternative to having a floor completely carpeted. A&D Floor Restoration understand the need to be extra-sensitive when cleaning your area rugs and keeping in mind that with proper care, they can last forever. Each rug is cleaned with utmost caution and care by our team of professionals to ensure it looks brand new. Professional cleaning can remove soil, dirt, stains and germs that accumulate within the fibers of carpeted flooring. Area rugs are an investment, and their cleaning process should be too. Often made from silk, wool, or other natural fibers; these can shrink or become damaged when cleaned improperly. A&D Floor Restoration will also ensure the color of your rugs stays vibrant by using chemicals with proper pH levels that prevents the dye from bleeding out. Our team of experts are constantly evolving their skillset to meet industry standards and ensure your area rugs are properly handled. The chemical process we use is 100% toxic-free and will not expose you and your family to any health hazards.

Why should you get your area rug cleaned by our team of experts?

Increase the Value of Your Home

Area rugs serve more of a purpose than just decor. These often cover a large amount of a room and act as a center of attention to your guests. The value of your home will naturally increase with a well-kept, professionally cleaned area rug.

Remove Years’ Worth of Dirt

Cleaning area rugs is a much more complex process than many homeowners think, so these can go years without being properly cleaned. Soil and dirt easily become trapped within the fibers of the rug, supporting the growth of bacteria. Our professional cleaning process can remove up to years’ worth of trapped materials, ensuring your space is clean and germ-free.

Save Money

A&D Floor Restoration understand the investment owners make in their area rugs. Replacing an area rug due to damage or improper cleaning can be extremely expensive. Many of these are heirlooms passed down through generations, and when damaged can be irreversible. Our team of experts take this into mind and only clean with care.

Quick & Efficient Process

Of course, every rug is different, but cleaning on average only take about 30-45 minutes per room. Our skilled technicians know how to make this process quick, yet still efficient to provide your home with optimal results.

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