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Did you know that grout should be sealed annually? 

Tile and grout surfaces can last forever if cleaned and sealed properly. But can easily become dirty and shorten the lifespan of this homeowner investment. 

A&D Floor Restoration  has tons of experience protecting and cleaning tile floors, while re-sealing the grout to prevent damage.

Our restoration services utilizes the top cleaning chemicals, equipment and techniques in the industry, with the ability to steam clean hard surfaces of up to 2000 psi.

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What is grout?

Most homeowners know that with tile comes grout. But what is this surface that requires periodic upkeep? 

Grout is a tough, yet porous material used in between tiles to fill up the excess space and bind tiles together. It’s usually applied as a liquid or paste during installation, but it quickly dries to a solid surface. Aside from the obvious benefits of having a clean surface, keeping your grout clean also prolongs its lifespan. Dirt, soil and other particles that contaminate grout can increase the likelihood of cracks, chipping and degrading. Tiling your floors is a long and complex process, avoid having to replace your tiles by having our team of skilled experts routinely seal and clean your grout. Tile flooring in bathrooms or other moist areas of the house can easily accumulate mold within the grout. 

A&D Floor Restoration understands the dangers of this and will use specialized chemicals to professionally sanitize. The team will identify the kind of grout in each parts of your home and develop a cleaning plan around this. For example, the grout in a living room may require different chemicals than the grout in your shower or bathroom. Our high-duty equipment such as industrial-grade blowers will also be able to rid particles within the grout that many homeowners would not be able to do on their own.

Benefits of sealing your tile and grout

What is sealant?

Most grout contains sand as it is inexpensive, and a good material for filling cracks, holes and spaces between tiles. The downside to this, is that sand is extremely porous and once dry; easily able to absorb liquid. This can promote cracking, stains and abrasion of your tiled floors. Sealant works as a protective shield to dirt, water and other particles from penetrating the grout. 

When grout is sealed properly it is much easier to maintain upkeep because the sealant acts as a barrier. Our team of grout experts know that a lack of proper installation can result in faulty grout lines, stains, crooked grid patters and even cracked tiles. 

At A&D Floor Restoration, we have special grout that bonds to almost anything and can even perform a color seal process that will restore your tile flooring to its original nature. Tired of the color of your grout? We can change this too and save you tons of money by avoiding unnecessary total floor replacements.  

We clean tile and grout

Protecting Your Investment

Protecting Your Investment

Homeowners with tile flooring know that grouting and tiling can be expensive. A&D Floor Restoration will help you avoid a total-floor replacement by preventing abrasion and cracking to your tiled floors.

Sanitizing Your Home

Unwanted dirt particles and oils easily build up over time in grout and become a magnet for bacteria and viruses. Keep your home and family safe from unwanted germs. Our professional team will totally de-sanitize the grout in your home during our cleaning process.

Increase Value of Your Home

The floors in your home are one of the first things that guests will notice. If you’re ever in the position of selling your home, the flooring will make a huge impact on the value. Avoid damage and build-up by periodically keeping up with the maintenance of your tile floors.

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A&D is a very professional and friendly company. The owner gave us an estimate and the kind of work needed to clean and treat the floors and grout. His crew is very professional also and they took the time to answer questions that my wife as I had about the work. They came in, finished the job and our floors look like brand new. The owner came in to oversee the work towards the end and he was amazing in the way he took the time to explain things. It was a pleasant experience working with A&D. I highly recommend this company for the type of work they do!
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I decided to keep my tile floor rather than replace it and called Dylan. Dylan, CJ and Aaron came out and cleaned, re-grouted and polished my floors and changed the whole look of my home. They also cleaned my carpets and caulked my backed splash! It was a huge job and they took great care of my furniture and my home! Thank you everyone at A & D for all of your hard work for making my home look great!
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I can’t say enough good things about Dylan and his team. My granite counter top, stone floor and marble shower have been returned to their new status. Dylan and his team are extremely polite, responsive and caring. You can’t go wrong with A&D.
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A&D Carpet Cleaning and Floor Restoration are highly recommended!!! They showed up on time and were very informative and professional!!! I was very impressed with the agitation equipment they have to really pull up the pet hair that a normal vacuum misses on a week to week basis!!! Call A&D Carpet Cleaning and Floor Restoration for any and all floor, countertops, or upholstery cleaning needs!!!
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Dylan and his team were so professional. I bought my house a few months ago and for the life of me could not get my tile grout white and my floors didn’t have any shine. A&D came in and took no more than 2 hours and had my floors looking brand new! I recommend them to all my clients. Amazing service and experience. They will forever be my go-to company.
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We thought we might need to replace our carpet, but after hiring A&D our carpets look like new! They’re incredibly nice, showed up right on time, and did a stellar job. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone.

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